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Deze paper gems maakt ik in de afgelopen weken in de avonduurtjes. Niks is rustgevender na een stressvolle dag, dan papier vouwen! Muziekje aan, theetje erbij, stapel gekleurd karton en vouwen maar!


Ik ben nog een echt groentje op het gebied van fotografie. In de weekenden probeer ik dan ook zoveel mogelijk de camera erbij te pakken om met instellingen te spelen. Deze paper gems fotografeerde ik bij natuurlijk licht, maar met allerlei moeilijke schaduwen en omliggende objecten (een enorme kledingkast), die ik niet op de foto wilde hebben.





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On one of my thrifting trips some time ago, I found these wooden bars (part of a set of wooden toys I guess) and HAD to take them home. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, but they had DIY written all over them! I think I even got them for free because I only took 6 pieces out of the whole box, score!

I felt like my hats and bags deserved to be seen, so I’ve used the bars to create this little wall display.

For this DIY you need two things; wooden bars and double sided tape. It’s a matter of choosing a location, cut the tape to match the size of the bar and stick it on the wall, easiest DIY ever!



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Mijn mojo! Diep weggestopt en onder een dikke laag ‘ik weet het allemaal niet’ vond ik het terug. De zin om te maken, te doen, te ontdekken en te leren. Als er iets is wat ik de afgelopen tijd geleerd heb… baby steps’! Gewoon weer eens af en toe een foto delen op dit ernstig verwaarloosde hoekje wat ik een blog noem.

Dus aanschouw, zelfgemaakte soepstengels! Gewoon omdat het kan.


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It’s summer!

And I bought the warmest boots ever to celebrate! These Sendra booties had been on my wishlist for a little while and I’m happy they found their way to my closet! Even though this type of weather calls for sandals and bare feet..



Humus is a newfound favorite as a veggie dip or bread spread. Made a basic Humus with garlic and coriander, mmmmmmmmm!


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June could have easily been confused for October. We almost got fooled into believing it was autumn. Wintercoats got unpacked again and sandals didn’t get to see daylight yet.

Despite all that, we did have the occasional nice warm summer day!


One of these nice and warm weekends I spent in the south of Holland. Me and my mom did what we do best; shopping and enjoying the scenery!


Near gulpen, where we stayed for the weekend, is an American cemetery and battle monument. It was breathtaking to see how many soldiers have fallen fighting for their country. The air felt heavy and you could almost sense the sadness surrounding the cemetery.



On a lighter note; I bought some white aspargus in Gulpen. I combined it with ruccola lettuce, a boiled egg, melted butter and some falafel and a bit of cheese. Definitely not a conventional way to prepare aspargus, but it was good!



Mid June I went home to my parents place and did some shopping in their vegetable garden. I’ve always been a veggie lover, but lately I’m trying to incorporate them as much as possible into my daily diet.



For the second time this month I traveled down south. This time to hang around at the Pinkpop festival. Beers were drunk, songs were sung, throats got sore, noses got burned, it was great!



My cat still does not approve of me sleeping.. period. Most mornings I find him impatiently sitting on my chest, waiting for me to wake up. Cats!


June got to an end and to wrap it up, me and my mom decided to get our cultural freak on and visit the Van Gogh museum. It was nice to see the famous paintings and to read about the interesting story behind Van Gogh’s life, but boy… did this man paint a lot! By the time we arrived at the 4th level of the museum we felt we’d seen enough paintings for the rest of the year!



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Enjoying an easy Pentecost Monday. Yesterday I finished a 7-day juice detox, but I’m not saying goodbye to the green juices yet!


Mo was not impressed by my attempts of sleeping in today..



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What better to brighten up a gloomy Saturday than thrift shopping! I desperately needed some colorfull pots and planters as summer seems to be cancelled this year. The hangers I found in the bathroom section of Ikea. I’ve got a fairly small kitchen and have to use every inch of wall, so these will hold towels and bags.





Love those everlasting enamel pots and Emsa egg cups!





LOSJÖN hangers from Ikea







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Welcome to the blog of studio TOFF!

Here I’ll share bits and pieces of my life, passion for thrifted treasures and handmade items.


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